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Marque Joosten

For me, Marvia is the example of how all new Web Applications should be: quick, simple and open.

Marque Joosten, Founder of Freeler, Funda, Zomoto and


Our ambition is automate marketing on a global scale, nothing can stop us! User-friendliness is key in all our solutions. More than 50.000 marketeers experience on a daily base the effectiveness of our solutions.

Marvia was founded in 2007 by Steven van Wel, Jons Janssens and Arnoud Haverlag. Since 2012 we are a 100% subsidiary of PostNL (Royal Dutch Post). This enables us to fulfill our ambitions.
Jons Janssens

Jons is the founder of Marvia

Jons is one of the founders of Marvia and has an economical background. As an entrepreneur he is driven to constantly develop new media and technology. At the moment he uses his knowledge as an in house entrepreneur within PostNL. In 2012 Jons was runner up for the 'Nerd of the Year' award. In his free time he loves to travel the world and face new challenges. He can also be found flying around his drone in the city of Amsterdam.
Arnoud Haverlag

Arnoud is the Founder of Marvia

Arnoud is one of the founders of Marvia. He distinguishes himself as sales-guru and official promotor of ABC-friday (Always Be Closing-friday). At the moment he helps PostNL prepare for 2020. Arnoud spends his free time on extreme skying and mountain expeditions.
Menno Worst
Managing director

Menno is Managing Director of Marvia

Menno is Chief Marvian and has a broad experience. Started his professional working life as a financial, transferred later to the field of Business Development. Exploring new market initiatives he came in contact with the Marvians, where he now may have mercy on. In his private life he's hunting for his Frisian roots at Leeuwarden's pride SC Cambuur with the ambition someday to become club president.
Gaby Kraaijenhof
Template developer

Gaby is a Template developer of Marvia

With more than 15 years of experience in the advertising world, now, according to his colleagues, Template-Guru. Besides being responsible for template production, also responsible for the most sarcastic office humor ever thought of. In his free time he's one of the best House-DJ's of the Netherlands, provided that some of them suddenly disappear.
Jesse Kroon
Business developer

Jesse is Business developer at Marvia

During his internship Jesse designed, developed and launched Brandlocker. Since that period he is constantly developing our solutions and exploring new markets. In his private life he can be found in the gym, enjoying Amsterdam's finest or influencing the Bitcoin exchange rate.
Niels van Rees
Frontend developer

Niels is Frontend developer at Marvia

Niels is our frontender and plays a crucial rol in the development team. He pivots between the designers and developers and brings all their ideas into life. When Niels plays darts, you would not expect that Niels studied physiotherapy on a Blue Monday. He spent his free time preferably on the football field or with his true love.
Okke Albers
Implementation Mgr

Okke is the Implementation Manager of Marvia

Okke makes sure our customers stay happy. Both the regular requests of our running clients, and new implementations end up at Okke's desk. With the help of his Lean Six Sigma skills he takes our customers through the full process of implementation, from kick-off to roadmap to decharge, he never dissapoints! In the weekends he focusses on his ultimate goal to decorate the perfect living room.
Linda Rijpkema

Linda is the Controller of Marvia

Linda is our (financial) conscience. She is not only responsible for the administrative organisation and the planning and control cycle, but is also part of our Marketing & Sales team. Above all Linda is "the mother" of all Marvians: She looks after things and makes our office run smoothly. Linda is addicted to food, Belgian Fries are her favourite!
Joep Donders
Commercieel directeur

Joep is the Commercial Director of Marvia

Joep comes from the "PostNL School" and is in charge of Sales & Marketing. There is no customer challenge that is too big for Joep. Even leads from Russia and Australia now end up on his desk. In his spare time he works in his own 'Home Restaurant' or is training for the Iron Man.
Merlijn Bruijnes
Backend developer

Merlijn is a Backend developer of Marvia

Merlijn is one of the driving forces of Marvia. By using his extensive knowledge, Merlijn plays a big part in developing our products. Besides being a driving force, he spares his free time building the first 'legal' flying scooter.
Orian de Wit
Backend developer

Orian is Backend developer at Marvia

The latest addition to Marvia. Orian likes to stick his teeth into complicated issues and even spends some of his weekend solving those very same issues. At work Orian gets through the day by dodging several drones.
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