Structurize, digitalize and manage your brand assets all in one place.


Brandlocker enables you to manage your brand assets in an online environment. Easily add structure to your content and make your brand accessible for it's users. You don't have to worry about improper use of your brand, such as old logo's being used, ever again.
Update in a few clicks
Update and distribute your brand assets through Brandlocker so that your users have access to the latest versions of your logo, images and texts.
Guide your users
Increase control and consistency of your brand by adding how-to-use descriptions to your brand assets.
Ready for use, any time and any place
Because Brandlocker is web based, you don't have to install or download anything. Brandlocker also updates and back-ups automatically with maximum security, so that you can fully focus on the content of your brand.

How it works

Three reasons to use Brandlocker

Connect with Outliner
Your Brandlocker is directly linkable to Outliner. Import your brand elements such as stock photo's directly into your templates.
Share files easily
Share the content of your Brandlocker with your users, and with the people that don't have a Brandlocker account yet. You decide which files you share and for how long they are accessible. This can vary from a day, week or month to permanently.
User rights
Divide your users into separate groups. Decide which groups have access to which content: determine who can view, download, share and edit files. This way your Brandlocker stays tidy and neat, and your users only see the content that matters to them.



Perfect for freelancers
3 users
Storage: 250MB
(~250 images)
Automatic back-up: Daily
Cloudhosting: Yes
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For small teams
5 users
Storage: 20GB
(~20,000 images)
€ 50 monthly fee
Automatic back-up: Daily
Cloudhosting: Yes


Our most popular plan
15 users
Storage: 50GB
(~50,000 images)
€ 150 monthly fee
Automatic back-up: Daily
Cloudhosting: Yes


Perfect for bigger teams
50 users
Storage: 150GB
(~150,000 images)
€ 450 monthly fee
Automatic back-up: Daily
Cloudhosting: Yes

Over 50 users? Contact us, and we'll find a solution.