Meeùs insures nice and clean branding style

Unirobe Meeùs Group builts one central environment for all her office products

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About Meeùs:

Meeùs is the only intermediary in The Netherlands who specialises in insurances, pensions, mortgages and banking. Through their selling regions, they serve and support over 334.000 private and 67.000 business clients. Employees are familiar with their own region and provide personal attention for each client.


Meeùs has a strong local presence in The Netherlands and a lot of employees who operate centrally. Right where they should be: close and personal with the client. To be able to control the creation of business cards, brochures and flyers and to gain insight in the process of ordering products, it was decided to create a brandportal in which employees can create documents, order products and securely store their branding files.

Solution: Orderpicker, Outliner and Brandlocker:
The internally used online webshop creates a onesided order process, that has more insight on the range of products and the saving costs without losing quality. Outliner is used to edit and create business cards, which can be ordered via the Orderpicker environment. The business cards needed to be approved first, so we created an approval workflow in the same Orderpicker environment. Brandlocker helps Meeùs by securing branding files and sharing those files in an easy way.

Testimonial Rene Zijlmans (facilitation manager Meeùs)

“Ordering via one main webshop is made mandatory for our facilities, creating a way to order facilitating products from several suppliers. Indirectly we will save costs on managing several supplier webshops. Orderpicker allows us to manage and categorise all these products in one central environment, saving us a lot of time. Marvia already supplied the Outliner tool for our DTP activities. Outliner turned out to integrate in Orderpicker seamlessly. This was a huge added value for Unirobe Meeùs Group, which now has one central environment for all her facilitating products.


– Products: Office supplies, Flyers, Business cards
– Users: 100+
– Number of templates: 5
– Keywords: Insight in sales, Secure branding style, Cost reduction, User friendly