Viaviela launches webshop including editor module

Foster parents create and order their own print materials in webshop including Outliner editor

Viaviela webshop

ViaViela is the #1 foster parent agency in the Netherlands. Foster parents are connected to the organisation via their 55 facilities nationwide.  To allow the foster parents to communicate professionally, ViaViela wants an easy way to edit promotional print materials.

Client desire:
How can we provide a user-friendly webshop environment for our foster parents and consultants, in which they can edit, order and checkout print materials in an easy way. All this in the ViaViela branding.

The solution: Orderpicker including Outliner
– User-friendly webshop
– In the Look and Feel of ViaViela
– Checkout via iDeal
– Registration of cost centers and connecting suppliers
– Outliner: among others, business cards are made in the webshop evironment.

– Expressions: Posters, Flyers, Brochures, Pens, envelopes
– Users: 1500
– Number of templates: 15
– Keywords: Regional support,  Branding control, Costs saving, User friendliness, Cost registration, Supply management