50 free icon sets you can’t go without

This collection contains 50 noteworthy free icon sets that make a great addition to any designers' collection

50 free icon sets

Icons are a necessary element for any web and app-related project. Great icons grab the attention of the user and visually explains a function, feature or what happens next if they click on something. Using icons correctly can have a huge positive impact on your design and the functionality of your websites and apps. Using the wrong icons can lead to users getting confused.

Picking the right set of icons for your project is crucial. But getting custom icons designed can lead to very high costs. That’s why we’ve collected 50 free icon sets for you that you can use right away.


Download all of them at once via the button below. Visit the individual page of each icon set by clicking on the images.

50 free icon sets



Stokicon by Naim Chayata

App Vector Icons

App Vector Icons by Mark M.

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Flat Icons Set

Flat Icons Set by Silviu Runceanu

40 Flat Icons

40 Flat Icons by Milad Gheisari

Stroke Icons Set

Stroke Icons Set by Bogdan Rosu

Retro Icons Set

Retro Icons Set by Efe Balun

Dripicons Icon Set

Dripicons Icon Set by Amit Jakhu

Budicon Line Icons

Budicon Line Icons by Budi Tanrim

Ecommerce Icon Set

Ecommerce Icon Set by Virgil Pana

Odinicons 100 shape icons

Odinicons 100 shape icons by Nhat Anh

Plain Icon Set

Plain Icon Set by Boyan Kostov


Round Mini icons

Round Mini icons by Alienvalley.com

Feather Icon Set

Feather Icon Set by Cole Bemis

112 Glyph Icon Set

112 Glyph Icon Set by Taras Shypka

Justicons 140 Stroke Icons

Justicons 140 Stroke Icons by Rami McRim

Lineicon Set

Lineicon Set by Abdullah Bin Laique

108 Glyph Icon Set

108 Glyph Icon Set by Visual Idiot

60 Vicons Icon Set

60 Vicons Icon Set by Victor Erixon

Flat OSX Icons

Flat OSX Icons by Kelsea Dill

50 Thin Custom Icons

50 Thin Custom Icons by Balraj Chana

Vintage Flat Icons

Vintage Flat Icons by Elena Genova

Line Icon Set

Line Icon Set by Pavel Kozlov

126 Vector Icon Set

126 Vector Icon Set by Eric Benjamin

120 Retina Icons

120 Retina Icons by Unknown

Glyph Icons by Claire Paoletti

Glyph Icons by Claire Paoletti

220 Glyph Icon Set

220 Glyph Icon Set by Catalin Fertu

Metrize Icons

Metrize Icons by Alessio Atzeni

Othercircles Icon Set

Othercircles Icon Set by Luboš Volkov

135 Hard One Icons

135 Hard One Icons by Pal Tsin

20 thin line icons

20 thin line icons by Unknown

Goodies Icon Set

Goodies Icon Set by Patrick Musolf

Hangloose Icon Set

Hangloose Icon Set by Björn Simon

Dropbox IOS Icons

Dropbox IOS Icons by Chase Giunta

120 Vector Icons

120 Vector Icons by Vincent Le Moign

100 Basic UI Vectors

100 Basic UI Vectors by Pavel Kozlov

16 Free Flat Icons

16 Free Flat Icons by Unknown

Office Flat Icons

Office Flat Icons by Bilmaw

Islamic Icons

Islamic Icons by Unknown