Aimms creates worldwide one-stop-shop

Employees create and order business cards in Chinese, English and Dutch.


About AIMSS:
AIMMS is a worldwide player in consultancy and research of operations. With their slogan “Bring benefits of Operations Research to society”, AIMMS benefits thousands of users in the field of logistics and energy.

Client desire:
The challenge was to create a global environment, in which facilities in Singapore, Haarlem and Seattle could edit and create their own business cards, in their own language (Chinese, Dutch and English). Furthermore, the print company, the shipment address and the cost centers needed to be available in the same module.

The solution: Outliner
Edit and create business cards in the AIMMS branding style by using templates
– Export to printable PDF, connected with an order module
– Support
– Higher conversion through personalised expressions

Testimonial CTO AIMMS (Jan Willem van Crevel):
“The Marvia tool makes it easy. Every employee is now able to create and order their own business cards. With this tool, nobody has to wait for the input of other parties to check or correct the information on his or her business card. We now have a one-stop-shop: the creation and printing is all done at the same party. This simple product is exactly what we needed and truly fulfills our needs.”

– Expressions: Business cards
– Users: 10
– Number of templates: 4
– Keywords: Regional support, Securing branding style, User friendly