ZEISS Vision Care automates local marketing

ZEISS Vision Care facilitates the editing and ordering of professional marketing expressions for local opticians


ZEISS has a big network of dealerships (opticians spread across The Netherlands). These opticians have a large inventory, making it important for ZEISS to draw attention to products as best as they can. The support ZEISS provides for editing POS materials, folder and flyers is essential to reach that goal.
Client desire:
Automating local marketing, to increase involvement of entrepreneurs. This scopes the entire process, from the creation to printing and spreading of print materials. User friendliness, cost reduction and local content are the main aspects.

The solution: Outliner
– Standard expressions in templates: Editing using local images and text
– Export to printable PDF and linking print and distribution module
– Increasing involvement of the opticians
– Increasing conversion because of personalised expressions
– Securing the Carl Zeiss branding.

Testimonial Marketing Manager ZEISS Vision Care (Arjan Zijlstra):
“Not only is this important for the opticians’ emotions, giving them the will to participate in ZEISS campaigns. But this also increases the response because of the personalisation and the “personal touch”. Making the optician the “local hero” in his or her region. Empowered ofcourse by the brand ZEISS.”

– Expressions: Flyers, In store, Folders, Advertorials
– Users: 150+
– Number of templates: 10
– Keywords: Regional support, secure branding, cost reduction, user-friendliness