Thuisbezorgd uses Outliner API

Regional restaurants attract customers with the spreading of menu's via Marvia API

thuisbezorgd-outliner is the biggest food related takeaway webshop in The Netherlands. Since 2000, Thuisbezorgd exploits websites for ordering food at over 4.000 restaurants. is part of BV.

Client desire:
How can we let affiliate restaurants edit, print and spread a door-to-door campaign easily and professionally?

The solution: API with distribution module
A door-to-door mailing in which Marvia provides the entire flow from editing to delivery.
– A database import of all the restaurant menu’s
– The import is marked up as a professional menu for each restaurant
– Generating distribution area’s, printing and spreading the print materials.

– Expressions: Menu’s and Mailings
– Users: 3.500
– Number of templates: 5
– Keywords: Dealer support, store traffic generation, improving campaigns