BERG Creates International Brochure With Marvia

BERG Has Ordered Automatically Created International Resellers Brochures


Since 1985, BERG has built up experience in developing, producing and selling active outdoor fun! An endeavor that started in a barn has now become an international company. BERG sells go-karts in more than 56 countries on all continents. Additionally, BERG also supplies quality trampolines.


Berg operates through an international network of dealers. In order to put a spotlight on their products, a brochure with the latest products will be periodically released. The creating of these brochures that contain dealer data (such as name and address, logo and business hours) was formerly a time-consuming and error-prone process.

Client Request:

  1. Layout module where dealers and BERG product retailers can create their own brochures in a few simple steps. In accordance with the BERG corporate identity. BERG marketers should be able to run a centralized check on these post-formatting.
  2. An image database in which all product images and logos are stored in a well-organized database. It should also be possible to use/import these images in BERG templates.

The Solution:

A single location where dealers log in and easily add their local data to the layout module. Also, logos/pics are easily shared/accessed in Brandlocker. This safeguards corporate identity, but grants dealers the opportunity to add local information to the brochure.

– Expression: Brochure
– Users: 100+
–Number of templates: 3
–Keywords: Corporate Identity Monitoring, cost savings, ease of use, DAM