Marvia Gives Domino’s Pizza a Regional Presence

Franchisees Buy Regional Campaigns in Central Marketing Hub


Domino’s Pizza is the largest pizza takeaway and delivery company in the world. Domino’s Pizza is now market leader in the Netherlands with 161 franchises, a service center and its own distribution center. The objective is to evolve into a nationwide network of at least 300 stores.

Justification: To achieve this growth, it is important for the Domino’s franchisees to be able to rely on an effective regional marketing machine. Domino’s wishes to service its stores in regional marketing, and in order to do so, needs a scalable solution that is viable internationally.

Client Request:

  1. Marketing portal where franchisees can conclude and order all marketing-related matters.
  2. A subscription model where the current campaigns are ready, the franchisee determines which campaign he joins in with, through which channels and in how far in terms of quantity. Because the budget is transparent, it is immediately clear what the deployment of resources costs.

The Solution:

One central marketing hub where all Domino’s stores in the Netherlands and Belgium can lay out their campaigns. (Outliner for Web2Print, Brandlocker as Image Database and Orderpicker as Online Shop)

In addition to this, the franchisee can log in and order periodic regional campaigns. The campaigns are automatically compiled and formatted regionally so that the franchisee can focus on the budget for a campaign, theme, and target audience.

– Material: Flyers, In store, Leaflets, Advertisements
– Users: 300+ The Netherlands and Belgium
– Number of templates: 100+
– Keywords: Regional support, Corporate Identity Monitoring, cost savings, ease of use