Marvia Puts One Face on BiEB Den Bosch Library

BiEb Den Bosch Generates Corporate Identity Communications Quickly and Easily


The municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch has commissioned the library to provide its services in Rosmalen and Den Bosch. With 40,000 members and half a million visitors each year, it is the municipality’s largest cultural institution.

The library is not only a public building where books, CDs, and DVDs can be borrowed. It is also a meeting place for personal development where one can study and work. It provides a platform for information and culture.

There is an extensive and varied library program for culture, including lectures and workshops, Creative Writing Month, exhibitions and the annual Literary Manifestation.


BiEB Den Bosch library is embarking on a much broader mission than lending books, and aims to communicate these activities from one strong label. Additionally, the communication events and activities have increased so quickly that it is becoming very expensive to create everything from a desktop publisher.

Client Request:

  1. Layout module with which staff/those involved with the library can quickly and easily create professional documents.
  2. An image database (DAM) where all corporate identity elements are fully digitized, incl. the digital branding guide.

The Solution:

One storage location for all corporate identity elements and expressions that can be created using locally made templates within the corporate identity. Also, logos/pics are easily shared/accessed in Brandlocker. Accordingly, formulated expressions can be sent directly to a printer for production.

– Expressions: Flyers, Posters, Leaflets
– Users: 20+
– Number of templates: 15
– Keywords: Corporate Identity Monitoring, cost savings, ease of use, DAM