Vlisco Goes for African Growth With Marvia

By Automating the Layout Processes, African Ads Are Quickly Composed in Accordance with Corporate Identity.


Since 1843, Dutch brand Vlisco has designed and manufactured textile for African consumers following the batik technique. From 2006 onwards, Vlisco Fashion and accessories have expanded the range. Vlisco developed a number of flagship stores and Vlisco boutiques in Africa and all activities are now monitored by a brand-driven strategy.


The Vlisco brand is a strong brand that is propagated with care. The largest market for Vlisco is the African market. It is divided in regions operated separately with centrally controlled campaigns. Collections are deployed centrally, but are communicated within regional character.

Client request:

  1. Layout module where Vlisco staff and retailers can format their own expressions without loss of corporate identity characteristics.
  2. An approval flow that always permits Headquarters’ marketing/advertising to run a final check on the presented documents.

The Solution:

A single location in which all corporate identity elements are stored and expressions can be created locally within the corporate identity using templates. Also, logos/pics can easily be shared/accessed in Brandlocker. This safeguards corporate identity, and regions retain the freedom to formulate messages that meet the needs of the local target group.

– Expressions: Flyers, Posters, Leaflets
– Users: 10+
– Number of templates: 15
– Keywords: Corporate Identity Monitoring, cost savings, ease of use, DAM