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Direct Mail

Create an appealing DM mailing and address, print and send it to your target group? With the Marvia Direct Mail Merger module, you can keep a firm grip on the look of your communications.

How the Direct Mail merger works

Your users can easily create a Direct Mail in our intuitive tool without the need for a designer or DTP-er. But it does not stop at the layout; we offer you a complete solution. After designing, you add an address file, and you can have the mailing printed and distributed via Marvia. Or we build a link with your cash register system so that you can send the Direct Mail (addressed mail) to (a selection of) your customer base.

What does the use of the DM module provide?

Our tool guides you through the entire process of sending a direct mailing: layout, address, print and send. As a result, you always have control over the different parts of the process, whether it concerns formatting, costs or time. Thanks to the user-friendliness of our tool, everyone within the organisation can send a DM. And through the use of templates, the mailings are also automatically following the rules in your corporate identity manual. Of course, the module offers the possibility to make personal mailings so that the message always responds to the needs of the individual reader, which increases conversion rate.

View our customer cases of Johnny’s Burgers, New York Pizza and Sligro to learn more about our Direct Mail Merger.