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Social Media templates

Increase the efficiency of your socials by creating an unambiguous image and strong brand on social media without the intervention of third parties. With the Marvia’s Social Media module you professionalise the social media posts of your organisation.

Social Media and Brand Awareness

Anyone who builds their brand online can no longer go without Social Media. Consumers spend a large part of their day on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn. By being visible here too, you increase the brand awareness among your target group. The condition is that your brand image is consistent with your other channels, something that in practice appears to require more time than expected. Fortunately, Marvia’s Social Media module offers an efficient solution.

Working with our Social Media templates

Consistency is key when it comes to building and maintaining a strong brand. This applies not only to your offline communication or your website and newsletters but also to your social channels. With our social media templates, you ensure that your expressions on the social channels are also in line with your corporate identity. Choose a template and images from the image bank and add your message. After that, you can place the post immediately for example with our Coosto link. Content posting becomes a piece of cake.